Exciting Times Ahead

A year ago we decided to visit The Place in the Sun exhibition just for curiosity and a bit of hope. Italy is our favourite place and there was a wish to get away from the rat race, but the cost of property and the cost of living makes it difficult in the UK and there is also the weather (I know this summer has been amazing, but it is not the same). There was one issue on our visit, the only exhibitor representing Italy was The Calabrian Realty Group. At the time we were disappointed as we hoped there would be at least other Italian exhibitors there, just for variety and choice, but mainly Spain, France and Florida were represented by lots of exhibitors. Luckily disappointment faded as we talked with Tony and he sold us the idea of Calabria, it helped that we had visited before, so we knew where he was talking about, which apparently is quite rare, but also it is a part of Italy we really love.

Five months later, I was made redundant, so the day after my final day, we flew out to meet Tony, to see properties and also see a different part of Calabria, Scalea and the surrounding area. We also met Yvonne who showed us the area around Amantea. We had a great time and we fell for the area, a mix of mountains and sea, just what John and I like.

So fast forward to a year to the day we visited the exhibition and I am happy to say that we accepted an offer on our house. Yes our house is sold, subject to contract. Yippee!

A year to the day! Was it meant to be? Who knows? But, it looks like this dream of ours is turning to reality!

This fateful day was when we were on a lovely holiday to the beautiful island of Sardinia with our best friends, Sally and Steve. Our estate agent arranged and accompanied a couple of people to view our house whilst we were away. This did feel strange to me as we have no idea what the people were like, looking around our house whilst we were in a different country. We were not really expecting anything as people have their reasons of not wanting to buy or being unable to buy due to selling their own house. The first one said no as there was nowhere to put a washing line in the garden – you could if you really wanted to. Then, another person viewed a week later. She saw it on Wednesday, she had a second viewing on Thursday and then made the offer on Friday. So she must have liked it then!

John got the calls as we were travelling in the car around Sardinia and the deal was done there, in a car somewhere in Sardinia, in about 5 minutes, it was good that Steve was driving the hire car. Sally and I were sitting in the back wondering what was being said, until John got off the phone. When we accepted the offer, it felt great. I high-fived John in the car and we stopped at a beach, all hugged each other and had a meal at the beach restaurant with some Frizzante to celebrate.


Cala Sinzias il Galeotto Ristorante
Cala Sinzias, il Galeotto Restaurant. The place we celebrated our house sale.


So now back home, my feelings are just so mixed up. Elated the house is sold, nervous as we will actually move out, excited and a bit scared that we will be starting a new life in Calabria, most likely before Christmas. Timing is not the best as we have actually arranged to be at a family get together on Christmas Day with family from Ireland coming to the UK. Now we are not sure if we are going to make that, which makes me really sad. But I think the buyers will want to move into their new house, (currently our house) before Christmas. That is what people like to do.

So what now? Well, we will return to Scalea to actually choose a property we want to live in. Flights are booked for early October for a quick visit and Tony will show us round a couple that we liked and any that have recently come on the market. I am the world’s worst decision maker, unless other people cannot make a decision, it is trait I hate. But a decision will be made. Then the Italian side of things can start.

We have to wait for our solicitors in the UK to do their thing, but once that all kicks off, it’ll probably be manic. There will be a bout of selling, moving, giving away and packing stuff. Organising transport to take our things to Italy, possibly storage the list goes on.

So at the moment I am getting my head around it all and thinking of what we will have to do, but trying not to get too stressed over it. After all it is only a house move, to the south of Italy for a life we have dreamed about for years.

It is all very exciting because at this moment in time, it actually looks like our Calabrian Dream will become reality… fingers crossed.

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  1. I hope you love it here as much as I do. I bought a small property through Tony in 2016, not far from Scalea, and now have moved from the Cotswolds to here permanently. .

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