Heatwave continues with fires and a busy Scalea


Heatwave continues, Calabria burns and Scalea is busy.

Heat, cooling sea and lots of food for June in Scalea

Heat, the cooling sea and lots of food for June in Scalea Read about how June went for us. Lots of food was eaten and I ventured into the sea.

New Year in Scalea

We're now in the orange zone, the weather is not great but we are still enjoying life in Scalea, Calabria. Read my latest post to see what we got up to.

In and out of the Red Zone

November brought us winds, rain, sunshine great weather and the Red Zone.

Changes are afoot in October

October has come and gone, things are changing and it all got a bit wet. Here is our October story.

I had forgotten how crazy August can be

The heat, the crowds, the birthdays, the visits of local towns all in August from the holiday resort of Scalea

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

As the temperature rises, we deal with exchanging driving licences and buying a new car. More tourists have also returned to Scalea.

Still in lockdown but things are changing

The view of the setting sun on the way to our post box

Still in lockdown but things are changing. Relaxation of lockdown and hoping to have a bit more freedom that has been lacking for two months.

A Trip to The Hospital, Having Friends and John on Video

Sunset Scalea Style

January 2020 was a month of a hospital visit, friendships, learning Italian and letting the world know what our town Scalea is like.