Changes are afoot in October

October has come and gone, things are changing and it all got a bit wet. Here is our October story.

I had forgotten how crazy August can be

The heat, the crowds, the birthdays, the visits of local towns all in August from the holiday resort of Scalea

Going through Phase 2 in Italy

Going through Phase 2 in Italy, leading to phase 3

First visit to an Italian cinema, John’s eye & our trip to Rome was different to expectations.

It is our first visit to an Italian cinema. What has happened to John’s eye and our trip to Rome was different to our expectation.

Someone has turned the heating up.

We visit a different part of Calabria and it is also time for Scalea in Piazza. Oh John's new passport has been on a full length journey across Italy.

Revisit to Calabria

Our latest visit to Calabria to make sure we do want to live there.
Taking in Scalea, Praia e Mare and San Nicola Arcella.