Heatwave continues with fires and a busy Scalea


Heatwave continues, Calabria burns and Scalea is busy.

Football, restaurants, a snake and the guaranteed summer sunshine


Football, restaurants, a snake and the guaranteed summer sunshine. July has been quite an eventful month. Read on to find out what’s happened.

Heat, cooling sea and lots of food for June in Scalea

Heat, the cooling sea and lots of food for June in Scalea Read about how June went for us. Lots of food was eaten and I ventured into the sea.

Birthdays, warmer weather & friends decide to open a restaurant

April starts to get warmer, which is good as there are a few birthdays. And there will be a new restaurant in Scalea.

A year on from Lockdown in Calabria

Dealing with a cold March and various colours of restrictions. This is our life in Calabria in March 2021

Yippee Spring Arrives to Calabria

It is February and spring has arrived. We try cedro flavoured pasta, see some murals and there's a new addition.

New Year in Scalea

We're now in the orange zone, the weather is not great but we are still enjoying life in Scalea, Calabria. Read my latest post to see what we got up to.

Multi Colour Christmastime in Calabria

As the sun sets on the year 2020, it is a multi coloured December. What did this mean and what did we do in December 2020.

In and out of the Red Zone

November brought us winds, rain, sunshine great weather and the Red Zone.