New company. Where is the dream heading?

I am a bit later in the month this time, for this I am sorry, to myself mainly.

Just to let you know, I now have a full time freelance job, but full time – well 4 days a week until Christmas. I am working in an office, next to a window which is the best for me, so that is lucky. I have a 1 hour commute so not exactly how I imagined freelance would be, but it is good for now. The people are nice, the office is brand new, so it seems like everything works so far.

Problem is that I now have less free time. It is amazing how much I miss all the free time when I don’t have it. I now have regrets of not doing things I had plenty of time to do. But there’s no point on dwelling on the negatives!!

One major positive is that I am now earning money, well hopefully I will soon when I actually get paid. It hasn’t been the easiest of transitions. If I was hired as PAYE or staff, I would be paid on whatever the pay day the company has, and just come to work and go home. But I have had to set up my own limited company, for tax reasons, basically companies do not trust sole traders to do their own tax returns. Therefore I have registered the company name, informed HMRC, purchased insurances, opened a business bank account, notified an accountant and such like. It has been a little bit of a pain and costed me money before I actually earn anything. All things take time in the “business” world; they need proper signatures and I have to use the postal service, which is rare for me these days.

So I am now a director of my own company. I never thought I would say that, albeit the company is just me.

Whilst finishing this I was in a lovely little cafe call Speedwells in Stow-on-the-Wold eating breakfast. In fact it was the only place that was open to serve breakfast at 9am.  Most places opened at 10am, some even 11am on a Friday morning too.  Are people that lazy in the Cotswolds?  So much can be seen before 10am. Anyway after traipsing around, we were lucky to find this place and also for us to enjoy our breakfast. Thanks to John for taking me there for my birthday getaway.  It is a lovely part of the world, although some places were ridiculously busy e.g. Moreton-in-Marsh, so we did not stay too long there. But out of the way Cotswolds were just beautiful.

Our Lady & St Kenelm R C Church
Our Lady & St Kenelm RC Church, Stow-on-the-Wold

But what about the Calabrian dream? Well at the moment it is still a dream, but there are glimmers of hope every now and then. We have had a few viewings of the house and everyone seems to like it, which is good. There is one person who has to sell their house before they can make an offer. More recently we have had an offer, but that person has not even seen the house, so the agent cannot accept it. I did not know that you cannot make an offer on a house without seeing it. So at the moment it is all very confusing. But, hopefully it will all sort itself out and we will be in Italy soon.

Fortunately, we are going to Italy pretty soon, actually Sardinia in September, on a holiday with our best friends. Hi to you both! So, I am very much looking forward to that. It will be nice having some time away not concentrating on selling the house or setting up a new company.  I can just concentrate on eating great food, seeing beautiful sights and relaxing with a good book.

So, until the next time. Arrivederci!

3 thoughts on “New company. Where is the dream heading?

  1. Dreams to come true i hope your’s does asap thanks for the update see ya next week x

  2. Have a great time in Sardinia. Hopefully we’ll see you down here in Calabria soon. By the way I have another property close to the one you liked on le Terrazze II. Similar but no garden.

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