Living on Hope

This month is a bit of a difficult month, nothing really horrendous, just the stress of selling and it is all very tiresome. It is not a great start to a blog, but I suppose this is what moving life is all about. As you know, we accepted an offer on our house and now … Continue reading Living on Hope

The Decision

Earlier this month we visited Scalea with the objective of choosing our new Italian home, an exciting time indeed. We left the UK early on a Friday morning from Stansted airport, arrived in Naples and drove for just under 3 hours down to Scalea. We met with Tony virtually as soon as we checked in … Continue reading The Decision

Exciting Times Ahead

A year ago we decided to visit The Place in the Sun exhibition just for curiosity and a bit of hope. Italy is our favourite place and there was a wish to get away from the rat race, but the cost of property and the cost of living makes it difficult in the UK and … Continue reading Exciting Times Ahead

New company. Where is the dream heading?

I am a bit later in the month this time, for this I am sorry, to myself mainly. Just to let you know, I now have a full time freelance job, but full time – well 4 days a week until Christmas. I am working in an office, next to a window which is the … Continue reading New company. Where is the dream heading?

Revisit to Calabria

Our latest visit to Calabria to make sure we do want to live there. Taking in Scalea, Praia e Mare and San Nicola Arcella.

Patience is a Virtue

I truly thought I was a patient person, but waiting for our house to sell is proving me wrong. After quite an influx of viewers in the first few weeks it has all gone quiet.  We don't live in a horrible house. Honest, why would we?  I also feel the photos in the sales brochure … Continue reading Patience is a Virtue

The Calabrian Dream

OK, I've decided to write this blog to: Keep a record of events in the hope our dream of moving to Italy will become reality. If or when it does happen, I can have a nostalgic look back with tears in my eyes. I also need to keep busy whilst waiting for the dream to … Continue reading The Calabrian Dream